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Client List

We are pleased to have worked with and consulted for some of the finest nutrition companies in the industry, including:

  • AC Grace/Unique E

Founded in Texas by Roy Erickson, Unique E® Vitamin E has been recognized as the Standard in the Vitamin E category for over 46 years! Healthcare Professionals in all fields of practice, both human and animal, rely and depend on UNIQUE E® for their patients. UNIQUE E® has been discussed in books and magazine articles as the vitamin E product that actually works! It truly is a UNIQUE product and the Natural Choice!


  • Biotech Corporation

Biotech Corporation has secured its position as the nutriceutical leader by providing the highest quality products that people need and want most. We are the industry leader in all-natural products to promote health and beauty for men & women, and continue that world-class effort in all of our existing and emerging product lines.


  • Biomed Health - Solutions from NatureT

BioMed Health is dedicated to providing you with high quality, safe and effective solutions that address your specific needs and support your overall health.  Founded by a world-renowned pharmacologist and medical researcher, BioMed Health brings you health supplements and alternative therapies to help you feel and look healthier from around the globe. Brands include Bao Shi hair products for men and women, and Femi Yin women's formulas.


  • Dr. Dahl's Cold Chaser

Our mission is to help people help themselves to maintain a healthy body.  By providing a high value, high integrity product, we aim to help our retailers create satisfied customers who return to the store again and again.


  • Dr. Woods Products

We provide a complete line of black and castile soaps that are mild, safe and very effective for many uses. The entire line is of the highest quality and is priced very aggressively for maximum sales.


  • Effer-Thin

EFFER-THIN's effervescent tablet can be dropped into any water bottle making an extremely refreshing drink with no Carbohydrates, No Sugar, No Calories and No Fat .  Although making the product stand to its claims and boost energy was a true challenge; the real challenge was to also make sure it tastes good.


  • Eliz Products

ElizT Products, Inc. provides organic beauty and natural products for personal beauty care and spa environments. These products include organic skincare, organic cosmetics, natural anti-aging moisturizers, natural anti-wrinkle cleansers, natural anti-aging serums, organic creams, organic face washes, organic bath/shower gels, natural mineral face washes, organic face exfoliate scrubs, organic lipstick, organic lip sheers, organic hand cleanser, organic body polish, organic liquid soap, organic bug repellent, natural bath salts, natural face and body mask, all natural hair shampoos, all natural hair conditioners, all natural topical pain reliever, all natural sunscreen that promote a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty for our customers!


  • Good For You Girls

Good For You GirlsT is the first line of skincare made especially for young skin. Good For You GirlsT is real skincare made with natural ingredients, organic extracts and essential oils. Gentle, good-for-your-skin ingredients that keep young skin beautiful and healthy. We know you'll love it!


  • HD Nutrition

It is our mission to supply the most innovative and life-enhancing premium supplements available. We specialize in liquid supplements because they are the best and easiest way for the body to absorb most active ingredients.


  • Humphreys Pharmacal

Humphreys has produced the highest quality natural skin care and personal care products for generations. Our products are based on traditional, time-honored ingredients, updated to reflect the latest developments in health and beauty. Today, you and your family can benefit from the same quality and purity of Humphreys remedies-both homeopathic and herbal. Humphreys helps you care for your body in the gentlest way possible.


  • HyperHealth/In-Tele-Health

The World's Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health. Hyperhealth is the definite database for natural medicine. Based on published scientific research Hyperhealth is the most credible and trusted content used by Health Conscious Consumers, Natural Food Retailers, Researchers, Physicians and Health Care Professionals Worldwide.


  • Little Twig - Nurturing Families Organically

Children mean the world to us, and the world means everything to our children. That is why little twig products are developed with the advice of pediatricians and real-life parents. At little twig we want to provide families with a safe and natural bath time alternative. We utilize the most effective organic and botanical ingredients in our simple recipe for pure and gentle personal care. Each product is an example of our commitment to quality, and that is why we completely guarantee each product.


  • Muscle Labs

We use only the finest ingredients available. Our formulations are run in smaller batches. The cost is greater, but it ensures maximum freshness. Are there supplements as good as ours? Absolutely, but you will find none better regardless of the price. Please give us the opportunity to earn your business and help you achieve your goals. Only with your best interests can we achieve ours. You will not be disappointed.


  • Muti Oils - Well Being. Naturally

We use the finest essential oils and all-natural ingredients to bring you the fragrant and therapeutic pleasures of aromatherapy. All Muti products are completely natural, cruelty-free and biodegradable. We use no animal ingredients, no artificial scents, flavors or coloring. Wherever possible we offer products which support local artisans, crafters and community co-operatives all over the world. We endeavor to find sources which preserve and support the environment. We incorporate organic, wild-crafted and sustainably grown plants and seek out fair-trade suppliers. All Muti products are hand blended.


  • Natural Miracles

  • Natural Miracles, Inc. was founded on the vision of bringing to the world highly effective nutraceuticals, skin care, and other natural products based on centuries of Mediterranean herbal tradition.
    In regions surrounding the Mediterranean many modern medicines have not always been available, but nonetheless, many effective natural remedies exist for common ailments. These remedies were developed over centuries of continuous use, with locally available plants and production methods. Their secrets have been handed down from generation to generation.

  • NexZt Reactive Gum - Chewing Gum Evolved

  • You don't just chew NexZt Reactive, you experience it! NexZt is a revolutionary new delivery system to help you relax, energize, suppress appetite-and more.
    NexZt is infused with the highest quality reaction specific extracts, masterfully blended into a gum base with a patent-pending process. Because the extracts are absorbed as you chew, they go to work way faster than capsules, powders or drinks.

  • Puremedy Bioceuticals

This amazing wound healing salve comes from nature so it is very
safe and absolutely non-toxic. We believe it has strong
antibacterial qualities. We have seen it heal gangrene, MRSA
staph infections, diabetic foot sores and many other ailments.


  • Quality of Life Labs - Our name says a lot

At Quality of Life Labs our mission is to provide safe, unique and efficacious dietary supplements that enhance the quality of your life. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer reliable customer service, clinical research information and technical/scientific support. Best known for AHCC brand for immunity.


  • Soleo Organics - Nature's Trusted Suncare

The most natural and innovative sunscreen in the world.

Biodegradable, and free of Chemical UV-Absorbers, Chemical Preservatives, titanium Dioxide and Parabens.

Soléo ~ the evolution of sunscreen!


  • Thunder Ridge Emu Products

Thunder Ridge Emu Products CEO Anne Geller has raised emus since 1993 on her 30-acre ranch outside of Manassas, Virginia. Today, around 2000 emus --flightless birds native to Australia-- roam freely in large fenced pastures in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains . Thunder Ridge is the largest emu farm in the eastern United States. Emu Oil has been used for thousands of years by Australian aborginees for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is one of the most promising ancient remedies to catch on in this millennium!


  • Ultra Pure Natural Products

Detoxification of hair, breath, skin and saliva are critical to ensure that you will flush toxins completely to pass any drug test. Ultra Pure Natural Products produce the highest quality at an affordable price. All of our detox products are guaranteed to work or a full refund will be given.


We have worked closely with all the key distributors, retailers and brokers throughout the US , including:


  • All Natural Distributors
  • Azure Standard
  • Cabana Natural Distributors
  • Frontier Natural Products Coop
  • Health Food Distributors
  • Independence Distributors
  • Kehe Food Distributors
  • Lotus Light
  • Natures Best
  • Palko Distributors
  • Select Nutrition Distributors
  • Super Natural Distributors
  • Threshold Enterprises
  • Tree of Life
  • United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI)

Key Accounts:

  • Akins/Chamberlains
  • AmeriMark Direct
  • Bashas
  • Better Health Market
  • Central Market/HEB
  • Earth Fare Natural Foods
  • Fairway Market
  • Feel Rite Fresh Market
  • Fred Meyer
  • Garys World of Wellness
  • Giant Eagle
  • GNC - Live Well
  • Great Earth Vitamins -
    Our World Revolves Around You
  • Hi Health Corp
  • Huckeberry's Natural Market
  • iHerb
  • Lassen's Natural Foods
  • Mothers Market & Kitchen
  • Mrs. Greens Natural Market
  • Natural Retail Group (NRG)
  • New Seasons Market
  • Nutrition Express/Lindberg Nutrition
  • Nutrition S'Mart
  • PCC Natural Markets
  • Richards Whole Foods
  • Ritzman Natural Health Pharmacy
  • Peachtree Natural Foods
  • Vitamin Shoppe Corp
  • Wegmans Food Market
  • Whole Foods Market/Wild Oats
  • Vitamin World - Get Healthy!
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Seattle Super Supplements
  • Sunflower Farmers Market
  • Swanson Health Products
  • Willner Chemist
  • Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers
  • Vitamin Discount Centers
  • VP Discounts
  • Web Vitamins
And more.
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