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Inner Circle Sales is a proud member of the Natural Products Association

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The Natural Products Association (NPA), formerly known as the NNFA, was founded in 1936 and is the nation's largest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry and represents the needs of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of a wide variety of natural foods, dietary supplements, and health and beauty aids products.

Inner Circle Sales and Natural Products Association

Natural Products Association
3931 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 101
Newport Beach, CA 92660-3013
Phone: 714.460.7732
Fax: 714.460.7444

NPA Washington D.C.
1220 19th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: 202.2230101
Fax: 202.2230250

Inner Circle Sales and the Food Marketing Institute

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) conducts programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on behalf of its food retailer and wholesaler member companies. FMI's retail membership is composed of multi-store chains and independent supermarkets.

The Food Marketing Institute
655 15th Street, NW
Suite 700
Washington , DC 20005
Phone: 202.452.8444
Fax: 202.429.4519

Inner Circle Sales and the Organic Trade Association

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association for the organic products industry in North America . The OTA encourages global sustainability through promoting and protecting the growth of the diverse organic trade.

The Organic Trade Association
60 Wells Street
Greenfield , MA 01301
Phone: 413.774.7511
fax: 413.774.6432

Inner Circle Sales and the SPINS


SPINS contact infoSPINSscan Industry Reporting tracks retail sales and consumer purchasing behavior, while our SPINSsight Consulting Services leverage our unique information toward better business decisions. The SPINS Product Library is at the core of our service offering, capturing the product attributes underlying consumer purchase decisions, and categorizing products into our industry-standard hierarchy for Natural Products

SPINS' Headquarters
1111 N. Plaza Drive, Suite 715
Schaumburg , IL 60173
Main Phone : 847.908.1200 Fax : 847.517.1170

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